8 more reasons to remember…..

Every 11th November hubby and I make the short journey to pay our respects to both of our fathers who fought bravely in WW2 and who are sadly no longer with us. Out of the corner of my eye one particular day when we went to change the flowers on one of our other visits, I noticed a war grave and went over and there was a name a LCpl Howarth and I took some of my father in laws flowers and placed them by the stone of LCpl Howarth and said thank you to him.

I then decided to take flowers to him every time we went to see my father in law, as my father was cremated and scattered elsewhere and there is no markers but just a meadow for me to visit, and I knew how sad it felt at that as a daughter there is no grave to visit, and I did not want this young man to be forgotten not after what he had gone through and ultimately paid the price for.

I then decided to start looking further and I noticed other war graves. I don’t know who they are….all I know is that they died fighting to give me the freedom I have today. The 2 bunches of flowers has now grown to 10 and when hubby and I have spent the time remembering our fathers, we then spend time at each of the headstones and say thank you…

Today we placed 12 crosses at various cemeteries…..1 for my beloved father, 1 for my beloved father in law, an uncle and a great uncle killed in WW1, and then we placed 8 crosses on the graves of individuals who died two wars apart, but whose importance in our freedom never diminishes and I know that I will be walking round looking for more heroes and making sure that on days like today they are not forgotten.

If like me you go to pay your respects to much loved relatives, then please have a look round and see if there are any heroes lying there. Have they been visited? If not then you do it and I promise you the reward you get is an inner peace knowing you are doing the right thing. After all, they went knowing that they might not see home or loved ones again, and I know that sadly LCpl Howarth left behind a wife and child and his sacrifice must not be forgotten and as long as I can get there….he won’t be.

If everyone took the time out …. just think of how many we are remembering and honouring and that is what it is about…we as the new generation remembering what was done for us by those generations before us, and who asked for nothing in payment but we owe them. We owe it to them not to forget them and I have 8 more reasons to remember and say thank you.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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