Am I the only one offended by this? It seems that the Honours Committee will now ask people for their gender, sexuality and socio economic background when put forward for an award. They say the aim is to reflect the country. Since when????? When someone is awarded a medal for bravery does it matter if he is richer or poorer than theContinue reading “Am I the only one offended by this?”

Never let the ISIS Brides return…the return of the children only when deradicalized.

At the Al-Hol Camp in Syria that are over 70,000 people being held there and many thousands of them are ISIS female supporters. These women are now openly praying and chanting for the return of the caliphate of death and their children are brainwashed into wanting to do harm to those they class as nonContinue reading “Never let the ISIS Brides return…the return of the children only when deradicalized.”

When birching should be allowed…. A group of squatters at a pub in Eccles decided to set off fireworks as the two minutes silence was taken place. A squatter known locally as Stuart Potts then proceeded to shout profanities at the gathered crowd who were paying their respects. Potts is very lucky that the police managed to get himContinue reading “When birching should be allowed….”