Stazi Animal Activists verbally attack a blind man because he has a guide dog….

I thought I had seen and read lots of disgusting things in my half a century on this planet but this really makes my blood boil….

Jonathan Attenborough from Fife is blind and he relies on a Guide Dog as both his eyes and his beloved companion. I cannot imagine anything worse than losing my eyesight and I am one of those who give monthly to Guide Dogs for the Blind….because it is the right thing to do.

I am also a lover of animals and I am a member of PETA calling for the ethical treatment of animals, stopped eating beef because of the mad cow disease and the culling……stopped eating lamb as how can you do that with little bouncy things and stopped eating pork because I clicked on a video PETA sent (not recommended)…and now its chicken and fish…but mainly fish….its my choice and I would never demand anyone follow my decisions…we are humans have freedom of choice.

So….. loving animals and being the mum of a furry little jack russell called Zeus and a really bad tempered cat called Fudge (who I rescued from the streets), and feeding 4 strays (and have built them all water proofed, fur lined houses under a shelter), I cannot hide my anger and my disgust at the people who attacked this young man for having a guide dog….

One of them a woman…in a café told him that it was disgusting he kept the dog prisoner and that the dog should be running free in the woods and fields…..well what a jaw dropper.

First things…what sort of scum picks on a blind man? Secondly if they knew anything about the Guide Dogs for the Blind then they would know that those beautiful animals are the most treasured by a blind person, and they would go without before their beloved companion does.

Shame on that person and how stazi of her to even presume that she can talk to a blind man that way… is a good job I wasn’t sitting there as it would have been very unpleasant for her!!!!

Why on earth do these people who are so far up their own backsides think it is ok to pick on a disabled person? Especially one who cannot even see who you are….that is cowardice on the first level.

What on earth is going on in this country that it is now perfect acceptable to attack people because of their disability, their colour or their religion. This is not the country I grew up in and it really has gone to the dump.

I hope that Jonathan realises that decent, normal people would never dream of saying anything against him and that we admire his determination to live life to the full, and he is doing with such a gorgeous, faithful companion.

As for the woman and by the way a man too…. who spoke to him at an earlier point but who backed off….shame on you and I hope you are named and shamed and pilloried as the really nasty pieces you are .

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