John McDonnell – a graduate of the Labour Fiscal University of how to bankrupt a country.

It seems that John McDonnell the Marxist/Socialist/Terrorist supporter has now made public the spending plans of Labour. I read it and realised that both he and Abbott attended the same labour university of how to bankrupt a country., and according to their scores they got 301 out of a maximum 100……

It seems Comrade McDonnell plans to be free and easy with our money…that includes ALL your savings, ALL the increase in working taxes and ALL other taxes he can get his hands by STEALING FROM the working people…or the middle class as he calls them.

It seems he has plans to spend £400 BILLION POUNDS and that is just for a starter. This will cover his planned 32 hour week for those who work in the public sector….so the rest of us who work in the real world will have to work longer to cover the cost of a 4 day week for the poor souls. That will cost us £16 billion per annum to give them an extra 46 days leave a year. So whilst the rest of us are on 46 working weeks….those in the public sector will work round about 38 but get paid for the 52…nice when you have a man willing to steal from the public to pay for it.

Next comes his supposed house building plans, but as the IFS state there are not enough people in the UK to work on the houses for the planned spending he has…but not to worry as McDonnell plans to open the borders and let anybody in….and no doubt when they see how generous Comrade McDonnell is in giving our money away the demand for houses, benefits etc will rise….after all he is like good old Uncle Corbyn and happy to give away what is not his.

He plans to upgrade schools, hospitals etc but with what? I freely admit that the schools and hospitals need upgrading but he plans to do it by raiding the savings and pensions of those who have worked all their lives…..hmmmm wonder if he will be so generous and give up his second home, boat and his very generous wages to the pot….or as I suspect his gold plated pension will be secure it will just be us poor saps who have to suffer, because according to Comrade McDonnell us nasty horrible people who have bought our own homes through careful planning or by going without are to blame… same nasty people who through careful planning and good fiscal spending now have private pensions….Well according to Comrade McDonnell how dare we? How dare we work and keep our money for our own use when there are plenty out there who have never worked and according to Comrade McDonnell they deserve everything.

The only way to enable us to pump money into the schools, houses and hospitals etc is to ensure that we take more money home with us…i.e. lower taxes. The more money we pump into the economy by not borrowing the more there is for the government to use…its not rocket science but then McDonnell is still working on the Doodlebug V2 theory that you need to smash everything to show true power.

Comrade McDonnell is trying to pull the wool of us Northerners eyes by planning to have the Budget Department move up here…what for? They will only be working 4 days a week and no doubt costing us a small fortune as we know that anything to do with a labour government funding will just be a job for the boys…or in this case a job for the Marxist boys.

McDonnell has not even included in his spending plans the cost of taking back the railways, the water, the gas and the electric and that could well cost us a trillion pounds. He states in true Marxist speech that he will force the sale and pay them what he thinks its worth…well can I pay him what I think he is worth and at the moment he owes me a fortune.

The knock on effect will be the collapse of pensions…but hey says McDonnell don’t worry everyone who is not working and has little income can expect to pick up £25 k a year …so there you go folks give up work. Then the housing industry will collapse as people won’t be able to keep up their mortgages as without pensions and incomes businesses will collapse…but again…McDonnell has plans to build us all a council house and of course the Government will pick up the bill…although who will be working at this point is open to debate….very few I should imagine.

Comrade McDonnell has just presented us with his fag packet planning ideas and it really belongs in the bin as who other than the serial non workers will take him seriously….as there are a culture of people who honestly think that the world owes them a living…and Uncle Corbyn is trying to extend that.

The best bit was that McDonnell stated that even with the generous benefits that people will still go to work…..wanna a bet? Who in their right mind would want to get up on a cold freezing morning, sit in their car which by the way will cost a bomb to fill due to the inflation and spend at least 12 hours of their day Monday to Friday doing this (as don’t forget we wont be so lucky to have a government post)…..when all you have to do is stay at home and tend the garden that will soon be taxed or taken off you, as Comrades Corbyn and McDonnell don’t think we should have gardens….although if you ever care to view the McDonnell second home…you will see that his way of thinking is that the luxury of a garden is for the few (Marxists) and not the many.

Nobody who is in the right command of their faculties could ever take this man seriously? He had to leave the London Assembly for falsifying a budget and bankrupting the authority, and here he is with the same model and determined to bankrupt the country…..

This country cannot afford disreputable people like Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott as they are security risk, not only to our security but our fiscal security and if you think the austerity hurts now…wait till the conservatives have to get in and sort their mess out….this could throw us back decades.

BTW….just a little note that Corbyn and McDonnell have agreed with the unions that they can go on strike in sympathy with whoever is STRIKING IN THE WORLD….so we can look forward to mounting rubbish, rats, diseases, not being able to bury the dead, the trains not running, water supplies running low, gas and electricity 3 days a week, no hospital supplies, teachers on strike and shops that resemble Moscow supermarkets….but Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott will still tell us that this is utopia….

If they get in…can the last intelligent person to leave the UK switch off the lights before we get cut off.

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