Jo Swinson and her growing political delusions.

Jo Swinson came out in full pantomime dress rehearsal today and her quotes are unbelievable and laughable… Brexit “There isn’t a Brexit that commands a majority…We want to stop Brexit and if we get a majority Liberal Democrat government this is exactly what we’ll do…… Well forgive me if I am wrong but to ignoreContinue reading “Jo Swinson and her growing political delusions.”

Its Christmas….must be strike time for the RMT

South Western Railway passengers are going to have to suffer 27 days of strikes in December 2019 thanks to the RMT. 1. From 12:01am on Monday 2nd December until 11:59pm on Wednesday 11th December 2019. 2. From 12:01am on Friday 13th December 2019 until 11:59pm on Tuesday 24th December 2019. Those lovely Christmas holidays….can’t beContinue reading “Its Christmas….must be strike time for the RMT”

Did Jared Kushner give the Saudi Crown Prince the OK? According to the Cockburn Column of the US edition of the British Spectator news Jared Kushner gave the “greenlight” for the arrest of Jamal Khashoggi. If this is true this is a disturbing turnaround of the White House as Jared Kushner has his position only because he is the son in law of PresidentContinue reading “Did Jared Kushner give the Saudi Crown Prince the OK?”