Send for the WI….those ladies are made of more stern stuff.

‘Snowflake’ police can opt out of training sessions with swearing via If as a police person ( let’s be PC here) you are offended by bad language during a training session. ..then you need to reassess your job Can you imagine a guy with a sawn off saying…”oh good morning Mr Policeman…do standContinue reading “Send for the WI….those ladies are made of more stern stuff.”

Discredited Blair joins forces with odious Khan

It seems the war monger in chief…Tony Blair has joined forces with Sadiq Khan to demand….yes DEMAND that Corbyn not give into the PMs demands for a General Election by stating…and you will love this…you cannot trust Boris Johnson… Now I don’t want to go over the lies, skullduggery and back stabbing done by BlairContinue reading “Discredited Blair joins forces with odious Khan”

The USA goes back to Syria…albeit a small group.

BREAKING NEWS: Convoy of armoured U.S. military vehicles enters Syria to defend oil fields in spite of Trump’s vow to withdraw from the country Seems someone is concerned despite Trump saying otherwise. A dozen is a start, but let’s get all governments involved….kick Turkey out and give the Kurds a home land… Or will itContinue reading “The USA goes back to Syria…albeit a small group.”

Corbyn running scared..

Jeremy Corbyn tells PM to ‘stop using such ridiculous language’ via How ludicrous that a man like Corbyn who surrounds himself with terrorists and their supporters, tells the PM to stop using ridiculous language….he needs to look at his anti semetic slurs to realise what ridiculous language is. Corbyn is running scared andContinue reading “Corbyn running scared..”

This is the point where the world stops and I get off!!

Glasgow University gives ‘trigger warnings’ about classic fairytales via Glasgow University has developed trigger signals for those poor babies who are studying languages…about…wait for it…. FAIRYTALES. It seems the little darlings can’t cope with Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 pigs etc… Now I don’t know about you but IContinue reading “This is the point where the world stops and I get off!!”

Tim Farron MP and his visions of conspiracy…

It seems he is now seeing duplicitous behaviour in the fact our PM is talking to the French President about Brexit…. One wonders if he sees fairies at the bottom of his garden? He states that Boris is actively working with Emmanuel Macron to produce BREXIT…but am I missing something, wasn’t the PM supposed toContinue reading “Tim Farron MP and his visions of conspiracy…”

There is something rotten at the core of the IOPC.

Police watchdog in cronyism row after boss gave job to ex-colleague via Seems if you are mates with the head of the IOPC and you worked with him at the council as his number 2, or as a PA….then fear not a job is available just for you at the IOPC. Ideal candidateContinue reading “There is something rotten at the core of the IOPC.”