Nicky Morgan MP – Standing down and blaming nastiness of politics, instead of looking in the mirror.

Nicky Morgan is the MP for Loughborough for about the next 5 weeks. She states that she is standing down as the strain on her family and the nastiness of politics has left her no other choice.

I, however think it is more than likely she knows she is out as she has gone against a Brexit voting town and tried along with others to thwart their democracy. She is not blind she knows that she will not be elected because people have had enough of MPs who stood on the mandate of respecting the vote, and then doing the opposite and all along she should have been doing what the people voted for…not her own agenda, and the fact that she did has riled up a lot of people including her own town.

If she had been honest enough to tell them that she did not agree with it at the election and they voted her in then I would have said that she was being honest, but she wasn’t and the electorate know this and so does she. They know what she did and they are not happy and she knows it…..

She is standing down purely and simply because she failed them again and again. She did not respect the vote and in effect said anything to make sure she gained her seat and she knew it would come back to bite her…although as a typical MP she thought she could ride the wave and come back…but only after telling the electorate they did not know what they were voting for. Does that apply to electing her too?

I wish these MPs would not look for excuses as to why they are leaving Parliament. They are leaving parliament as they continually lied to their electorate and now time has run out for them. They had a good run and she knows she must pay the piper …but a like the politician she is…she is using spin to excuse her own behaviour.

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