Lindsey Hoyle – The Deputy Speaker who is putting the honour back into the Chair.

It seems that Corbyn was trying underhanded tactics yet again. He was demanding an amendment to the General Election by trying to give the vote for 16 year olds and EU nationals.

This is ludicrous and thank god for Lindsey Hoyle who saw it for what it was …. a ridiculous attempt by a corrupt politician to throw the General Election.

We know that the majority of 16 year olds don’t know what time of day it is, or are too attached to their facebook pages to even look up, and to demand a vote for people who are not registered here and whose rights to vote would be an affront to those citizens of the United Kingdom shows how desperate Corbyn is, and how he will do anything to throw the vote his way. No where in the EU are voting rights given to anyone who is not a national in a General Election.

Having Lindsay Hoyle at the helm of the commons is slowly but surely restoring my faith that a speaker will be able to remain impartial and not put his own twisted view on the day to day running’s, nor attempt at every level to show his impartiality towards the public. It seems that not only do we have an election date, but we will have a speaker who knows how to behave with honour.

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