Another Lib Dem Idiot

Chris Davies MEP has stated that people like me …a BREXITEER should not wear a poppy as it is Europe that is responsible for the centuries of peace, and not the sacrifice of Great Britain’s and the commonwealth.

You can tell it is getting to the daft season as every Muppet is coming out of the woodwork, and he needs to check on Germany’s history, plus Vichy France, the Belgium’s, Austrians government etc ..all who helped with the Nazi plan…not all but a lot did.

However, I should imagine that being a Lib Dem politician means he is another deluded self serving idiot, who takes takes takes from the tax payers, and who if asked to defend this country would run screaming..

Now I know the Lib Dems live in la la land and that idiot is no exception…but as a former soldier I am entitled to wear it, as the daughter of a WW2 soldier and as the granddaughter of a WW1 soldier..I wear it to remember them and growing up with real history I think I have more of a grasp on history than that misinformed fool.

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