Climate Extinction Protests – the hypocritical march of the great unwashed

Not living in London, I can only sympathise with those who are trying to earn a living or get around London whilst it is in the grip of the great unwashed.   Everyone should do their bit to help the environment, but do they honestly believe that clogging the streets of London will help? For instance,Continue reading “Climate Extinction Protests – the hypocritical march of the great unwashed”

Party hopping self serving MPs

Yet again we read of another MP, Heidi Allen for South Cambridgeshire joining the Lib Dems.  The Lib Dems seem to be made up of the strangest people possible.  We have the leader whose husband through his company gets a payment of 3.6 million euros…so we know why she cannot have Brexit….and then the restContinue reading “Party hopping self serving MPs”