The Wet Weather

As I sit here looking out of the window all I see is rain, rain and more rain….and then a phone call from my friend….come and see this and I went to her home which is in front of mine and there for all to see is a whole 4 sandbags….4…my gosh they are pushing the boat out.

It seems that the local brook where we live is due to burst its banks and this is all that was given to the locals to stop the downpour …. if it was not so laughable you would cry… what will 4 sandbags do?

Every year we have the same thing and every year the environment agency does very little about it. The brook needs dredging and yet they won’t do it. It seems it is cheaper to let it break its banks and swamp homes rather than dredge.

I am lucky I live higher up and the chances of getting flooded are practically nil but my friend is a widow and the problem is just that…they seem to leave those alone who cannot manage it…..

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