Jess Phillips and Jeremy Corbyn…

Jess Phillips MP for Birmingham Yardley and her endless screaming in Parliament.

I am currently listening to parliament and all I hear from Jess Phillips MP is how the PM and the tory party are responsible for the “nastiness” that is going on in society and parliament, and of course the murder of an MP was brought up. I am saddened that a young woman died especially as she had two children but she was killed by a local nut and nothing more…..and to use it for anything political is an insult to those who have lived through the terrors of the IRA.

God help us Corbyn is on saying that the PM is disgraceful and stocking up hate, and this is coming from a man who has openly supported the IRA and Hamas and even when the IRA tried to blow up a democratically elected government he stood on the side of the terrorists, even congratulating them…..

I have heard Jess Phillips in Parliament and she has a wicked mouth on her in parliament and I have heard her screaming insults at the opposition….so what you have in effect is a bad mouthed MP and anti Semitic terrorist supporter trying to be the morals of parliament….You could not make it up.

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