Endless….Endless….Endless debates of how unfit Boris is for PM…

Yet these endless comments from the SNP, Labour, The Lib Dems, The Greens etc is that he is unfit for office and shouldn’t be there…..and YET THEY WILL NOT DECLARE A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN HIM AND CALL A GENERAL ELECTION.
Do these MPs really think that we will feel any different about Boris who is campaigning to enact the will of the people…..WRONG…it will only strengthen our resolve to back him and that strength will be shown when the conservatives win a majority and those 400 MPs who are remainers in a leave constituency will be gone…bye bye.

If we do not leave on the 31st October then it will be the fault of those remainers who have thwarted the will of the people and it will be their fault if we are still bound to the EU against our will….and that we will punish them at the polls as I and many other can see that Boris is doing his best against a house of MPs who have turned their back on democracy.

After all the Lib Dems and Labour are a force of evil trying to destroy democracy and they are the ones who have campaigned endlessly about wanting a general election and then opps…..they bottle it again and again and again and again and again.

Role on the General Election and lets get rid of the dead wood and vote in some real servants of the people.

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