Disappointment of voters rejected by Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

I allows thought of myself as a somewhat Jack Russell Terrier when it came to getting my teeth into something political and not letting go….but even I must admit defeat. I have spent the last couple of months trying to get the Conservative Candidate for MP for the Warrington South area to visit Dallam and Bewsey and I have failed miserably. There was excuse after excuse from the office as to why he could not visit but I still would not let it go…so I got the ‘we are looking at the local church on the main road between Dallam and Bewsey’….then weeks later oh no ….can’t book it. I mentioned the local park where there is a community hall and again wait, wait, wait and nope can’t do that as they are political organisation, but could I book it….hang on says I … I am just an individual and would have to tell the council why I wanted to use it. If so would that not mean that I too am using it for political purposes, or did I miss the point here? I forgot to mention that he was planning to bring the Conservative Candidate for Police Commissioner to this meeting….now I felt a little insulted at that as the areas he has been canvassing in has not mentioned the Commissioner but he felt the need to bring it to mine…is that because I don’t live in one of the affluent areas? There has been no handing out of leaflets and no areas for meeting, yet weekly I get emails about being seen round the affluent areas but then the office mentioned meeting in a place some 3 miles away from the area.  Now I am mad keen on politics and I would like my MP to visit the place I come from and to speak to the people that live there, not some 3 miles away  as I know that people would not go and the area where I live most have young children and it is a nightmare to get through town in a car…and to be honest a lot don’t have a vehicle. The last suggestion was a real clincher….why don’t we all meet in a pub…..to discuss issues and crime in a pub…. I replied some 8 days ago that this was not acceptable, and I have heard nothing. To say I am disappointed is too polite. It seems that all MPs ignore this area. The current labour one has been to the school for juniors and I am sure that 5 – 11 years have not gone home and discussed Brexit with their parents, or even took labour leaflets home…so that visit was not to talk to the locals as an interaction…bit useless.  After all if he did he would have to explain his stance on Brexit and the fact that he voted against the population…..and before that despite emailing and leaving posts the Conservative MP who was in power for 8 years NEVER came to this area…..and now some 5 months later I am giving up and have decided to not bother asking again…but if he gets elected I will be the bain of his life with questions and making sure he stands up for this area…which he has so far failed to do. It seems that the Conservative PPC is carrying on the useless mantle of the previous one and whilst I am trying to muster up the interest in the Conservatives …due to being a paid-up member and desperate for Boris to become PM again.….why should we consider him…when he cannot consider us.

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