Disappointment in the Judiciary

Supreme Court Ruling

As a Brexit voter I cannot hide my disappointment at the 11 to 1 verdict against the government. Whilst normally I would be delighted that the judiciary had taken such a unanimous vote it was almost a slap in the face to those who have waited over 3 and half years since the original vote.
It seems that at every stage the Remainers have tried to thwart our plans and now they no longer hide it they are determined to stop Brexit and now the court has found in their favour as lets face it, it was about Brexit as it was the rich remainers who took the government to court as it is only the remainers who are refusing to accept the democratic will of the people, as well as trashing the democracy that used to exist in the house of commons.
It is not the Judges that we have a problem with, nor the fact it was taken to court as it shows that we in Britain have a healthy respect for a jolly good legal fight, but this was not a good legal fight and it was in effect just another large boulder put in the road of Brexit to block it, and with the establishment saying that it doesn’t matter what the little people think, but that they know better and we should except that.
It seems to be the rich persons fight to force us to remain….half of whom do not live in the UK and who do not pay taxes and the other half who have financial dealings with the EU…the likes of Lord Heseltine and Lord Mandelson to name a few. The fact that they are Lords makes a mockery of what it means to carry a British title as they are doing everything against giving us self rule.
People like me…who want to be free of the EU, and I don’t hate Europe as I have spent many a happy holidays there, but I do dislike the EU and its obnoxious politicians who I find offensive in every sense of the word….they are unelected, unaccountable and who are scamming and taking from the EU at every opportunity…we only have to see that their own accounts cannot be signed off due to the mass fraud and stealing….and we are expected to listen to and accept their rulings when corruption begin and ends in the EU……
The establishment has to realise that we wont let go of Brexit and we will punish those who have voted against 17.4 million at the polls, and we will start making demands for new laws to ensure that the corruption that is Westminster is not allowed to happen again. After all 400 MPs stood in OUT seat promising to respect the result and as soon as they get the seat and get the pay and very generous, over generous expenses….they show the contempt for the electorate and lie, lie, lie and lie again.
Parliament and the establish have declared war on the people and there will be only one winner…US.

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