Disappointment regarding the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington South

I am extremely disappointed that yet again the Dallam and Bewsey area of Warrington South is being ignored by the PPC for the Conservative Party for Warrington South. I have spent months trying to get him to come to this area, which I will admit is not as affluent as the other areas such as Lymm or Stockton Heath but it is still my home and has one of the largest areas of people living in it within the Warrington South area, but I find today that I am left disappointed again.

I received an email telling me that the PPC will be out and about this weekend in Stockton Heath and Lymm and heads up for Whittle Hall next weekend….and us ….nothing. I received word from his office that they are having an issue looking for somewhere to hold it…even though it has been 6 weeks since it was that not only would he visit, but for some bizarre reason the Tory candidate for Police commissioner would attend too. I felt a bit miffed that he would be showing up here to discuss crime, especially seeing as the other areas in Warrington South are more crime ridden than here but thought nope….let it happen and let people ask him questions.

Anyhow, fast forward I receive an email stating that the meeting would be at the local church hall….fantastic I thought…smack bang in the middle of the area….then nope nothing. I then was asked about St James Court which is at least 3.5 to 4 miles away and not in the area and with the traffic would take probably half an hour to get through and how can a candidate see what is happening for himself if he does not visit. Then I get asked to book somewhere and reimburse it. I am not an association and if they cant do it…how the hell am I supposed too!!!!!. I am just an individual and 6 weeks they have had this question of coming to the area and the worst suggestion was the last one….how about the PUB…..meeting hard pressed voters in a pub and discussing crime and issues in a PUB….way to go…..

The upshot is that they are not coming and if I was honest with myself they never were as weekly I receive emails about the areas they are visiting, and the areas they are visiting the following week and nothing for this area. I guess they could not hold their noses long enough to be in a working class area and have to deal with gulp…people who are not wealthy and who shock horror do not live in bungalows, posh new houses and drive jaguar cars…but who are people like us….After all in my avenue we have 2 police officers, 2 prison officers, a nurse, an environmental officer, 2 bus drivers, 2 care workers, 2 retired professionals who lives off their own pensions and 2 customer service people….one a manager. Now forgive me if I am wrong but I thought they would be the sort of people the Tories would be chasing.

I will not endorse the Tory PPC for Warrington South and have made my decision and reason why available as lets face it…if he cannot be bothered to come to this area to show us he cares…why should we walk to the polling booth and give him a job. After all….if he cant be bothered during an election time, we have no chance once he gets what he is after….the MPs job.

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