David Cameron’s autobiography

I will first off write an admission that I voted for David Cameron as I have always been a conservative and looked at the bigger picture of keeping labour out. I felt that he looked and spoke like a statesman, like a prime minister of Great Britain and I was delighted when he finally gave us the Brexit Referendum.

How wrong I was to view him as a statesman or even as a prime minister of Great Britain. First he ran as soon as the result came in and lets face it he was absolutely convinced that we as a nation would vote to remain. Which in my view showed that he had absolutely no idea of what made the electorate tick. He assumed that we as voters would listen to our “betters” and that was why he sent out the brochures costing US £9 million pounds just before the start date came in banning the excessive spending of both sides.

Now I read that he is not only calling Boris Johnson for trying to give the people want they democratically voted for, but he is going to have a “civil battle” on the side of the remainer MPs who voted with Labour against their own party. Now forgive me if I am wrong but treachery to the party does not just stop with a slap on the wrist but it needs a swift, firm answer to those who think they can thwart the will of the people.

It is a pity that Cameron could not fight this hard for the people, and who refused to stay and implement the will of the people despite saying he would. It smacks of a man who is bitter, twisted and having some bizarre idea that his intervention is needed…especially as he is now spouting about a 2nd referendum. The 1st one has not been implemented thanks to the continual back stabbing and lies of MPs in Westminster.

I find it offensive that a man who lied to the electorate, who left us with a mess and who is as responsible for May for it now being 39 months since the vote is even thinking of coming back. Leave it Boris as he will fix your mess Cameron and you need to go back to being off your head as you so aptly put in your book.

You had your chance and failed miserably and that is where you need to stay…in history.

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