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Winwick Farm Shop, Southworth Ave, Winwick.

Cannot recommend highly enough. I was getting so disappointed at the fruit and vegetables being delivered by the major stores, and knew it wouldn’t last from Aldi and Lidl so needed to do something.

Just purely googling for a farm shop and up popped this and the quality is wonderful.

Everything I purchase is full of taste and lasts the amount of time I expect if too. As well as fresh fruit and vegetables, it sells fresh meat and picked up a piece of sirloin for my daughter Ashley, as well as butter, eggs etc.

It sells fresh fish, chickens and anything else you might need and if nothing else try it as I promise you, it is not money wasted.

By the way….the lady who works in there is absolutely delightful and remembers me everytime, and that is just good old fashioned excellent customer service.

Their website is and if you want something different…then the owners go out of their way to get it. I have not thrown anything out due to going off.

Lovely place and they do bedding plants too.

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