Asda and home delivery

Yesterday, I had my large order delivered by a very nice but soaking wet young man. The first thing he met me with was a huge apology as it seems they delivered over £220 of shopping without bags………

My face dropped as it was lots of items and I explained to the young man that I only had the use of one hand and that it was a struggle with the other due to damaging it. He was so embarrassed and informed me that he had made a complaint to head office, but it seems it had been ignored……

He stood in the rain for at least 20 minutes whilst I tried to pack things with the help of my son, who was recovering from a spinal operation and was really struggling to bend down to continually collect items. The upshot was that I ended up in pain, my son ended up in pain and quite possibly the polite young man ended up with a bad cold as he was soaked to the skin.

Asda did not inform me that there would be no bags and I do take them back or use them again and again as I am very keen on environmental and recycling issues, nor did they text me to see if there had been a problem despite leaving a negative feedback.

Pretty poor form Asda as I am registered disabled, hence why I have the shopping delivered and poor form for leaving an employee to deal with a situation from the unhappy customer.

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