One Politicians Bad Choice Stance

Brexit Party MEP candidate is blasted for defending IRA bombers via

I make no bones of the fact I am a former soldier, and can remember the joy I felt when I took the Queen’s Shilling. The uniform I wore with pride and I was the 5th sibling, only girl of my immediate family joining up, following dad and grandad, numerous uncles and aunts….you could say it was a family business, especially as I married a soldier too.

The despair I felt at my brothers and sisters in arms bring murdered by the IRA, in some cases their children being murdered alongside them, or watching daddy being blown to bits just for wanting to help people feel safe.

Then to find out that an IRA apologisest is the number 1 on the list of my home town for MEP, makes me feel sick. I cannot under any circumstances put my vote under the care of a woman like that, and I will give open talks as to why this woman is not fit to represent a town.

A town where two little boys died, and where a terror cell had targeted our gas supply …if they had of succeeded then they would have wiped out thousands……would you trust her??

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