Have the current crop of MPs show that they are no longer thinking of the wishes of the people?

I am an avid Conservative Brexiter and feel let down by both sides of the houses of Parliament. 85% of MPs campaigned on Brexit stating that they would honour the vote, yet the commons now has a remain capacity of 3 to 1. Would it not have been better for the MPs to have been honest with the electorate about which way they wanted to go, rather than seeming to dupe us?

I am of the opinion that the United Kingdom could have gotten a deal that would have suited both sides if parliament has shown the same solid support to the PM as they did when campaigning for re-election. Our government showed their hand too early, and parliament showed their distain at the earliest opportunity, and they had forgotten that with any battle you do not show the enemy your plans, your armoury and your reinforcements before negotiations have even begun.

The forthcoming council elections, and ultimately the General Election will be a turning point for all the major parties, and we shall see either a labour SNP coalition, or a parliament that will produce no outright win either via a coalition or first past the post and then it will be endless general elections and we still will not have left the EU.

Not very democratic and not very British!


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