Addressing an MP

I have today invited the local MP to talk directly to me and other constituents as to why he voted to revoke Article 50 even though he said he would accept (which means getting us out of the EU) and respect the result (just what does that mean…..oh yes you won but I want a second and third chance as I hate losing….whist still respecting the result?), and just to explain what he has done for the area that he gets a very generous salary for. Maybe if we all asked our MPs to attend and to talk direct without the spin then maybe they will realise just how much of a blow to democracy they have created.

Faisal Rashid is my MP and was voted in in 2017, yet he has had 5 trips which has taken him to Pakistan, Qatar, the West Bank and Germany….all with a princely sum of £10,000, but has not managed to come a couple of miles from his constituency office to talk to his constituents. Poor form and needs to be addressed.

To show fairness the perspective MP for the conservative party has already accepted the offer.

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