12 Years of austerity has resulted in a recession and a harsher austerity.

I have had many a long discussion with my son about how I would not be voting Labour in the next election as this country could always trust a Conservative Government, and today I actually had to tell him that I had nothing for him and that I can finally admit that the last 12 years of austerity and where people have continually been told that we have to tighten our belts has resulted in a flat lining of our economy, and that it is under the Conservatives watch and nobody else’s. They need to own this, and they need to own bankrupting our country.

Billions of pounds of taxes again and again and yet the useless track and trace cost £37 billion yet nobody has tried to recoup the money for a failed vanity piece, the whole sale overpricing of the PPE contracts because somebody knew somebody who was an MP which resulted in some of the items not being fit for use….to the tune of millions, and then a Guardian news piece today where they highlighted that this Government has spent £14 billion pounds on niceties such as villas, vegan food and all the things they think they can get away with without the taxpayer noticing.

Then there is the useless HS2 which is a white expensive elephant before it starts. It will cost over £100 billion and that is growing. I think the last time I looked it would shave off 27 minutes on a journey to London from my area. If you need to get to London for an appointment, might I suggest the day before or get an early train?? Why should the taxpayer have to pay for something that again the friends of friends are running and where the money could be used elsewhere…. say for the NHS, Education, Defence or housebuilding? Austerity means we do not have the money for an indulgence plaything for others.

When is this Government going to actually put the people first and cancel the HS2 and claw money back from that pitifully run app, and then start sending out the bills to those who have had their hands in the taxpayers ATM.

Then there is the possibility that according to the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) that the Government from March will put up the price of fuel both Diesel and Petrol by 12p a litre. That will take it to over £2 a litre…where does it stop? The Government has stated that it is too early to discuss which is code for yep it will happen as they will get an extra £6 billion from this. With all this rise in fuel etc what the hell is this Government doing with our money? Squandering it by the looks of things and the books.

Council tax up by 5% which all I can see is going to give Warrington Borough Council more money to squander and move us closer to the £2 billion debt they will saddle this town with, and then the cost of heating, lighting etc is going up. It is a nightmare that is not stopping.

I am not a financial expert but even I know that if you continually tax the people then the money that they have in their pockets gets a lot less, and then that knock on effect will result in the same people having no money to spend on the high street. The result will be even more of a recession, and no one seems to have grasped this. It is always a case of let’s see how much we can squeeze from the public, yet it never seems to affect the very people who make the decision.

The back benchers are already gathering their grumblings and if as expected the grumblings will grow larger when they realise that their seats are at risk, then we can expect a leadership challenge or the very least the Chancellor is thrown out on his ear as this is going from bad to worse. I mean we are talking about the man who left the NHS is dire straits and then Sunak gives him the Chancellors job….all because he was his chum in the leadership battle. An idea for Rishi…how about getting someone in who will deal with the mess you made during Covid where you handed out billions without even doing due diligence.

If this happens then there needs to be a General Election, infact there needs to be one now and let the cards fall where they may. If it means that Labour gets in or there is a coalition with the Lib Dems then that is the will of the country, but we currently have a PM voted in by just over 200 MPs and this cannot carry on as he and the current Government will bankrupt this country to the point of no return.

If Rishi firmly believes that he and the Chancellor are doing the right thing then put it to the country and let them stand by their beliefs and see what we think, as all I know is that the working class and now the middle class of this country can no longer afford to indulge the Conservative Party, nor their merry dance of who sits in the PMs seat.

Instead of blogging..

I decided to take a break as it was just reading bad news after more bad news, and to be honest I got so fed up of it that I decided I needed to step back for my mental health, and do you know it worked, and all it took was spending time with my roses.

It give me an unbelievable peace and the results speak for themselves. Maybe Doctors should issue gardening to help with those who struggle….

Never in the field of British History was so much squandered by so few….

The more I see of the Conservative party in power, the more I become convinced that it is time they were voted out and I was one of the millions who voted them in, but they are past its sell by date and are now a dying party clutching at our pensions as straws and we cannot afford their solution.

Kwasi Kwarteng – The Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It seems the only ones to benefit from the new mini budget is the city bankers who are already on an obscene amount of money, but now thanks to Liz and Kwasi they can now earn unlimited amounts and with the excuse that they will bring in more financial interests. It will also mean that these people will take risks with our money as there is only one winner as far as they are concerned and that is them.

Banks thanks to this new disastrous mini budget have stopped new mortgage applications and people are now having to put their own houses up for sale due to being unable to afford the rates now, and Banks and mortgage holders know that the only trend mortgages are going to hit is that they will be going up, and in some cases actually cause people to lose their houses. It seems we have stepped back to the 80s as I can remember interest rates of some 15%. This now means that some people cannot even get a toe on the property ladder never mind a foot. It must be truly heartbreaking when you are constantly saving, and the goalposts keep being moved.

Mr Points of Sue and I know that we are luckier than most as we don’t have a mortgage but what about those who do? What help is going to be given to them as councils won’t be able to house the influx of people losing their houses, and the hotels will be too full of the illegal immigrants that are tipping up on our shores! We will see on our streets something that is common in America and that is whole families sleeping rough with nowhere to go and no help being offered.

With the cost of living rising on a daily basis, and the fuel prices at the pumps not coming down (someone is profiteering from that), and then the blackmailing of our home heating bills this is definitely not a perfect storm and is in-fact a storm made of really poor management within Government, and it is going to get worse as we have a PM and a Chancellor who have no idea what they are doing, and no matter how much she tries to convince herself…..Liz Truss is no Margaret Thatcher. It seems the only true winners are those who are already very wealthy and who will no doubt get even more wealth thrown at them.

The only way this country is going to recover is if we have a General Election. What is happening is sadly because you have a party that has been in power too long. We saw it under Labour with Blair, and we are seeing it again.

Maybe it is time we had proportional representation in our parliamentary elections as with only mainly having 2 large parties a government is open to corruption, sleaze, mishandling of our economy and what we see today…. ministers out of their depth.

I have decided that I will not be voting in the 2024 election or earlier because if the Tories try to remove Truss, she will cause a General Election and I am hoping that it is a coalition that gets in as this monopoly by one party is destroying our country.

I will not vote as on a personal note I don’t trust any of them to run this country. There seems to be very few people who are actually worthy of sitting in the houses of parliament and the way I feel about what is on offer is not worth the 600 metres to the voting place for me, as not one of them and yes I know the Conservative MP and the labour candidate (who would rather be anywhere else except being the labour councillor for this area) will just feather their own nest, and I just feel that they do not deserve the time it takes to walk and put a tick in the box. I honestly feel that way and no doubt the next lot we vote in will be even worse than this lot.

If you are thinking of voting whenever the election is called do so with care as we could end up with another useless Government with untold power to do what they want, and the leader of that could be Starmer and they will just spend, spend, spend and put us more into debt and the national services such as the NHS, Defence and Schooling will suffer.

Never in the field of British history has so much been squandered by so few resulting in the collapse of the pound, and instead of coming up with a solution the opposition just gripe, bitch and moan. I would be more interested if they actually had something to offer but no doubt when Labour is in power, the Conservatives will be the same. All hot air and nothing else. Maybe we should harness the empty hot wind of MPs as that would keep Britain ticking over for a very long time.

The death of Her Majesty the Queen…a nation now mourns.

Am heartbroken at the death of our glorious Queen, who put duty first and who kept her promise to the nation to serve us for her whole life, and who never let us down and who never lost faith with us. To veterans and the military she was simply the Boss.

We now have a King and Queen Consort but my word I will miss seeing that beautiful smile. Into the arms of angels and into the history books goes one of our greatest Monarchs.

It’s a no from me.

The National Museum of Wales is literally showing garbage whilst trying to cover up beautiful paintings that have meaning, colour, depth and where you could have marvelled at the way the artist created such magnificence in theur paibying, a painting that is enjoyed through the ages, but instead of that there is a pile of cupboard boxes taken from bin bags and literally strewn around. Shame on them as this is not art.

They are also for their woke ideologies trying to erase our history having taken advice from, and working with the SSAP the Sub Saharan African Population Organisation. Wonder how many people in Africa even know about Wales?

What the SSAP or cardboard garbage has to do with Wales and our glorious UK history is beyond me, I don’t even think the leftoids know but hey it looks good for their wokeness, and their nothing more irritating than a sanctimonious leftie trying to indoctrine their ideas on others.

Dear Lord give me patience to tolerate the stupid people as there are so many lately….

Corruption from beginning to end….

This witch hunt by the FBI and allowed by a Judge who contributed to Obamas campaign, and every one else who ran again Trump in 2016, this Judge also has links to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein..it absolutely stinks.

When it’s corrupt it’s corrupt and this my friends is corruption of the highest degree. I hope the Republican house summons this Judge to explain himself, and with the threat of a jail sentence, hopefully he will get an up close and personal view of it for years.

This is akin to Nazi Germany, and all they are doing is trying to stop Trump 2024.

They are terrified of Trump winning against that senile old child botherer, and the freaks and weirdos who hold Government posts. They are terrified their corruption will be laid bare for the American public to see.

I hope all those who are walking over civil rights and politicising the FBI, have a really squeaky clean life as you opened the door and a whirlwind is coming for you, and that whirlwind is Donald John Trump and the millions who support him

The Deep State of America….

The Democrats will find one-way or another to stop Donald Trump…..he must get extra security as they will try everything to get rid, and to stop him running.

The Democrats are in the dying throws of their new world order…having only lasted 20 months, and they have nothing to lose by Operation Get Trump, and if they need an expert at getting rid of political enemies or people who stand in their way…ask Hillary Clinton for advice. She has left a trail of misery a mile long.

President Trump now needs extra security as there are nut jobs and wakkos who want to hurt him, and they will of course be encouraged by this most corrupt and deadly administration, who with the help of the corrupt DAs will facilitate it by telling people they won’t be arrested…..after all what’s murder when you want to be woke?

An example of this corruption is that the American constitution forbids demonstrating outside a Supreme Court Judges House, yet this did happen and Bidens Administration did nothing even when the Judge was threatened with physical harm and his family too. If they are not Democrats they are the enemy, and that senile child botherer is not running America, its someone else and they are staying in the shadows whilst America burns!! It is a Dictatorship where the leader is unknown.

As stated in a previous post this Administration is straight out of the Nazi book 101, as they terrorised opponents too….

If you don’t believe me…just think back to the handover of Afghanistan when Biden closed the book on those left stranded. He did so knowing they will be murdered but they got in the Administrations way of creating a narrative, and like Trump caused them a headache… and look what happened to them!

The Biden Administration even gave the name of a Senator to the Taliban who had gone in to rescue people, and giving full details of everyone involved in the rescue. Biden and his corrupt government were hoping and praying these people did not get out… but they did.

People, laws and freedoms are expendable to the Democrats. They want to abuse your children’s minds, they want to cause abuse to your children’s young bodies by telling them they are misgendered. They allow all sorts of perverts near your children yet they want to deny your right as a parent, and even threaten parents who disagree with their ideology with jail time or the removal of your child.

They have denied your right as a parent to have any say if your child thinks at 12 they are in the wrong body, and facilitate it because of all the weirdos in this Administration. A 12 year old child cannot make that decision, and as a parent you know whats best…. but not with this Administration of freaks and weirdos. Your right comes last and it is no wonder the suicide rate is climbing with young people…the lunatics are running the country.

They want you to suffer financially, mentally and to let the criminals run riot thanks to the Soros backed DAs who are best of chums with murderers, abusers, gangs, rapists paedophiles and thieves, and yet these same DAs hate the police and law abiding citizens because they want to be woke, yet you get the privilege of paying for the security they deny you.

It would be interesting to follow the money trails there with these people!!… So it is not a big leap to know that Donald Trump is now in danger!!!

This is just the continuation of abuse being facilitated by the Nazi Administration running America.

The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..

The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last night on the false charge of him taking documents from the Whitehouse when he was the 45th President of the United States of America. It can only be assumed that the bias kangaroo court for the 6th January hearings are going badly, and now they are doing a fishing expedition with this raid. This is nothing more than the Attorney General using the FBI for the purposes of the Democratic Party. aka the New American Nazi party. After all when this senate hearing does not allow people to respond to the lies being told….then you know they are desperate to stop him.

Amazing how CNN were there….someone is complicit with this crime and there needs to be names now.

They must be that scared of Donald Trump and know that if he runs they lose and this is what drives their illegal activities. This administration is corrupt and that corruption is from the top down. Merrick Garland had to sign this off and of course it is a given that they will say before a congressional meeting that they cannot discuss it, and no explanation will be given. I hope when Donald Trump becomes President he goes after the whole corrupt administration to teach them a lesson.

Lets call this what it is….total corruption from top to bottom.

America has a decrepit President whose own son has not been investigated for his laptop. Hunter Biden falsified his application for a gun as crack addicts cannot have one. He trafficked prostitutes across state lines and that is illegal. He has dodgy business dealings with China and the Ukraine, and lets not forget the 10% for the big guy…Joe Biden.

Also, Hunter went on Air Force 2 with the big guy to countries to hustle for business, and getting a job in Ukraine for a gas and oil company for which he had no experience resulted in the big guy threatening to withhold billions until Ukraine sacked the prosecutor who was investigating Biden Jr. All corrupt and what happens to the chosen one…nothing.

Biden gets his 10% for Jr’s corrupt dealings and nothing happens. Lets not forget this is the man who gave a eulogy at a KKK leaders funeral. What happens nothing. The big guy has made millions from corruption and yet nothing.

Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul…made millions from dodgy business deals. Infact Pelosi Jr is under investigation for a company he was involved in that took millions from the elderly in what is being described as a scam. He is under 5 investigations and yet no raid there. He invests in Lithium and the Far East is where the business is and just by chance Nancy Pelosi took herself off to the Far East with Jr to meet and make money, yet funnily enough there is nothing on the official record of Jr being there. Corruption in its full flow.

The Homeland Secretary Myorkas is too busy putting the FBI on mum’s and dad’s at school board meetings rather than tackle the hundreds of terrorists that have come through the Southern Border. Guess its easier for them to attack those who have a home, pay taxes and work as they know where they are rather than hunt the terrorists they let in.

The Biden/Harris Administration are walking over the rights of parents when they have decided that you as a parent should have no say in the perverse antics of teaching your children about sex from the age of 5. Its immoral and kids should be left to be kids.

Lets not forget Hillary Clinton and her 33 thousand messages she deleted before the investigation into her, sending emails from her own server and the dodgy dealings she got involved with. Her mishandling of Benghazi resulting in the deaths of the Ambassador and security guards. Yet…nothing has come from this.

This is a witch hunt against President Trump and smacks of desperation and I hope when he becomes the President again that he goes after all of them. The Biden/Harris administration are the natural successors of the Nazi Party as Hitler and his mob terrorised people who would prevent them from taking full power during the 30s and we know the result of that, and this is what the Democrats are trying to do…..

I hope that the Republican Party when it takes back control of both houses impeach all of them as the corruption runs deep within the Democratic party, and this has to stop. They have already economically trashed the USA and people cannot stand much more of this party….

The United States of American and its people can look on knowing that they now have so much in common with North Korea and China, as they go after people on false charges to secure power and who would of thought that such corruption would run so deep but then when you realise that the powers to be covered up Biden Jr with the collusion of Mainstream Media, then what else would they get up to.

I would suggest to Americans that you get a good lawyer on speed dial because you could be next as lets face it you have a rotten corrupt President, a rotten corrupt administration, a rotten corrupt government and a rotten corrupt FBI and if you vote Republican then they are coming for you and that is not scaremongering….they will find a way to prevent Republicans from voting and your rights don’t matter.

Vote Republican in the 2022 mid terms and for Trump in 2024 as that is the only way honesty can be restored in the American government, as lets face it a mean tweet is not corrupt and never forget that under Trump Americans had more money in their pocket and a booming economy, and that the Democratic party are willing to abuse their power on anyone to stop Trump and the economic recovery of the United States of America.

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